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Archibald J. Nesbitt
Position: President and CEO

30+ Years of Experience
  • Bachelor of Laws Degree - University of Western Ontario
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree, with Honours - Queen's University.
  • Member of the Law Society of Alberta since 1978.
  • President, Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO and Director, Nesbitt Mining & Exploration Ltd. (becoming Southpoint Resources Ltd.) from 1969 to 2003
  • President and COO, Geomex Minerals Ltd., and Minexco Energy Inc., $300 million in E&D projects
  • Board of Directors of Safari Club International.

Dr. Peter Klaus Geib
Position: Director

Retired Businessman
Frankfurt, Germany

Dale Burstall
Position: Director

20+ Years Experience

Partner at Burstall Winger Zammit LLP since 1994.

Erich Boechler
Position: Director

15+ Years of Experience
  • Founder,Director and President of Western Petroleum Commodities Inc.
  • Director,and Vice President of Leede Financial Markets Inc.
  • Corporate Finance Octagon Capital
  • Alberta and Canadian Venture Exchange

John McIntyre
Position: Chief Financial Officer

30+ Years of Experience
  • Founder, Director and CFO of CancomAir (now Skyservice)
  • Managed 250 employees
  • Divisional Manager for Dome, Westburne Drilling
  • Appointed Marksmen CFO January 2008

John A. Niedermaier
Position: Director

40+ Years of Experience
  • Mr. Niedermaier previously served as an independent director for RXO Energy Inc.
  • He joined the Marksmen board of directors in June 2007 when Marksmen acquired RXO.
  • He has built several successful companies, including Badger Drilling, Derrick Drilling and Petro Well Services.
  • Mr. Niedermaier is a director of several other oil and gas corporations, both private and public.

Marksmen Energy Inc.Marksmen Energy Inc.
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